Escapade 2020 Proxy Bidding

Escapade is one of the most fun events of the year, and everyone who is a part of the TJ community should be there.  Escapade is one of only two major fundraisers for the school, and it supports the operation of the school that is not covered by tuition, and funds the aspects of the program that make TJ a unique learning environment.

If you were not able to attend the Escapade Gatsby Gala on Saturday, March 7, please use the form below to place your proxy bids.   Thank you for supporting the children at Thomas Jefferson Independent Day School. 

Escapade Final Bidding

  • Wall of Giving

    The Wall of Giving allows our donors to view the school’s resource needs and contribute in ways that are important to them. Each gift to the Wall of Giving provides our teachers with resources they have requested, and it directly enhances the classroom experience, as well as extracurricular opportunities. It is our hope that families will consider the requested resources and give as they feel able. Each contribution to the Wall of Giving builds upon the resources we are providing for our students. Many of these items make learning more accessible, help students find joy in learning, and create opportunities for students to develop passions.
  • Progressive Bidding

    TJ boasts a beautiful 28 acre campus up on a hill, yet most of the time our students are learning inside the classrooms. We want to provide additional outdoor learning and recreational spaces for all of our students, from Pre-K through senior year. Our goal is to create areas in which our youngest students can learn through educational outdoor play, while also providing our oldest students with spaces to relax and socialize as a break from the rigor of their academic program. Funds raised through this year’s progressive bid will help to purchase and build these outdoor spaces for our students as new components of our playground areas and on the green spaces in the back of the school.
  • Bidders at Escapade on Saturday made generous contributions for this goal at the amounts listed below. Please check the level at which you want to participate.
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