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TJ's Honor Code

The Honor Code ceremony is held the first day of school, and includes students in Pre-K through 12.  The student commitment form stresses respect and compassion, honesty and truthfulness, self-discipline and perseverance, trust, consideration, and sportsmanship.  All students sign the commitment form on the first day of school.  Middle and Upper School students confirm the signing with a handshake with the Head of School and the Deans

Honor Code

Student Commitment

I understand that my actions, both on and off campus, reflect upon the INTEGRITY of the Thomas Jefferson Independent Day School community. I pledge to comply with the conditions set forth in the Honor Code section of the Student Handbook. I acknowledge that these conditions require, among other things, that:

I treat fellow students, faculty, staff, and visitors with RESPECT and COMPASSION;
I practice HONESTY and TRUTHFULNESS at all times;
I employ SELF-DISCIPLINE and PERSEVERANCE by completing and submitting my own assignments on time;
I endeavor to build TRUST between individuals;
I exercise CONSIDERATION for property that is not my own;
I practice good SPORTSMANSHIP both on and off campus.

I understand that the Honor Code requires that I never cheat, steal or lie in the preparations for, or completion of, any academic work, including any examination or homework.
In signing my name, I hold myself accountable to these commitments and in so doing, recognize that I am morally obligated not to tolerate such behavior in others. If I observe unacceptable behavior I am obligated to disclose it to the proper school authority. Failure to exhibit allegiance to expectations will be addressed in accordance with school policies and procedures.

(Signed by Student)

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