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TJ’s Strategic Plan: A Shared Vision


Dear TJ Parents, Students, Faculty, Staff, and Friends,

A sincere thank you to all members of the TJ community who devoted their time and effort to the successful completion of our 2016 Strategic Plan.  Every step of the process was marked by remarkable thoughtfulness and enthusiasm, and attention to the needs of every Thomas Jefferson student. 

The strategic planning process not only enabled us to gain a greater understanding of TJ’s strengths and challenges,  more important, it made apparent that all of us share a common vision for our School and for our children’s education.

The Strategic Plan represents the contributions of many participants within the TJ community (including parents, faculty, students, and alumni) who thoughtfully considered how TJ can build on its strong foundation and continue to improve the world-class education it provides to students.  First, we heard many voices through a constituent survey administered back in January.  Then, in February, Mark Frankel and Judy Schechtman from Triangle Associates led parents, faculty, students, and alumni in several listening forums, town hall style meetings, phone conversations, and an all-day workshop to discuss their vision for TJ’s future.  Through collaboration and teamwork, the workshop participants developed a draft of TJ’s new Strategic Plan.  This draft was presented to the TJ Board of Trustees whose role is to set TJ’s course and guide its policies by light of TJ’s Mission. 

At its August meeting, the Thomas Jefferson Board of Trustees approved and adopted the 2016 Strategic Plan which will guide us over the next several years.  The Plan is both achievable and ambitious, and is designed to support TJ’s long-term growth and development with strategic goals necessary to keep us on target and true to our mission.
Please read the Strategic Plan in the pages that follow.  There are five main focus areas in the Plan, and each is presented with an overarching goal, rationale, and plan for implementation.

The five main Strategic Plan objectives address:
1) The Program
2) The Faculty
3) Community
4) Finance and Development
5) Campus Facilities
The process of implementing the Strategic Plan already has begun in earnest; our administration, in conjunction with our Board, will be both thoughtful and innovative in our response to these five main objectives.  We are energized by our common vision and as you read through the Strategic Plan, we hope you will share our excitement about the future of Thomas Jefferson, and will participate in the Plan’s successful implementation.


Debra Humphreys
Chairman of TJ’s
Board of Trustees




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