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TJ's Technology Programs Expand Educational Horizons


TJ’s Mission, in part, is to realize the potential in each student. The Tablet PC Program brings computers into the classroom and enhances your children’s learning experience and facilitates the development of skills vital to their success in the future. Technology is an integral part of our lives, and competency with technology is a critical skill that we need to teach our students at all grade levels. TJ’s commitment to leading edge technology ensures this will happen. TJ’s program integrates technology into the learning environment — it is a means to learning, and not an end to itself. The TJ model approaches technology in the classroom as learning with technology.

 The technology initiative is designed to:

  1. Enhance learning opportunities for students, including better preparation for college and careers
  2. Improve communications with parents
  3. Bring all members of the TJ community closer
  4. Maintain TJ's leadership in the delivery of educational services.


Student security and appropriate use of the technology are both important considerations, and TJ is committed to educating students to become responsible, knowledgeable and discriminating users. 

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