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As a participant in the Duke TIP 4th-6th Grade Talent Search, your child is part of a select group eligible to participate in TIP’s popular Academic Adventures programs hosted by Thomas Jefferson Independent Day School in Joplin, Missouri. Academic Adventures are open to students in 5th, and 6th grades, and are comprised of one full day of intensive academic study, where students choose a topic not typically covered in school. The program offers hands-on learning experiences with motivated peers in an environment where creativity and critical thinking meet. Through a partnership between Duke TIP and Thomas Jefferson, your child has the opportunity to participate in a fascinating Academic Adventures on Saturdays throughout the year.  Academic Adventures classes are designed to be true adventures, where students engage in learning, thinking, and creating. This enrichment program offers challenge and excitement for gifted students.

Program Basics:
This opportunity is open to all current participants in the Duke TIP 4th-6th Grade Talent Search (currently enrolled in the 5th, or 6th grade).  Students enroll in one class, and explore material not offered in most school programs. The $110 course fee includes materials, lunch, and academic activities.



Join us in the greatest adventure — Duke TIP Academic Adventures.

Our next Academic Adventures session is scheduled for
Saturday, July 20, 2019
9 a.m. to 4 p.m.


Our Academic Adventures Offerings for Saturday, July 20, 2019, are:

A Step into the Wardrobe
Just a step into the wardrobe, a leap into the rabbit hole, a jog beyond the shire, another world awaits! In this course, we will explore the worlds of fantasy in famous literature and look at the myths that inspired the authors of these famous. This course will include analyses of famous fantasies, discovery of myths and these stories’ roots, and tips to become better storytellers and writers of fantasy.

Myth Power
Myths are about heroes and villains, but they are also about you and me. From the legendary feud between Thor and Loki, to the lost continent of Atlantis, people around the world have celebrated myths passed down these stories from generation to the next. In this class, students will investigate how mythology develops and how it functions in society. Students will create their own myth based on what they learn. This is a great class for creative students who like to write, like to think, and relish the power of a good story. So, bring your imagination, let your creative juices flow, and join us for a day of story-telling.

Chemistry and Cooking
From the first primitive barbeque to liquid-nitrogen ice-cream, science and food are inextricably linked.  The ability to prepare, store, and preserve food safely is vital to our society.  In this class, we will learn about the many chemical and physical processes that make puffy pancakes, jiggling Jell-O, and marvelous meringue.  We will get to taste and compare the textures and flavors of the products of our chemical reactions.



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