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Honor Code

Our focus on developing character in young people is integrated into everything we do.

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Taking the Pledge

At the beginning of each school year, all students at Thomas Jefferson sign an Honor Code, pledging to conduct themselves with key principles, including integrity, compassion, respect, and honesty. Their commitment helps create an educational community where all students grow and thrive.

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Honor Code Ceremony

All Pre-K through 12th grade students sign the student commitment during the TJ Honor Code ceremony, held on the first day of school. The Honor Code stresses respect and compassion, honesty and truthfulness, self-discipline and perseverance, trust, consideration, and sportsmanship.

Student Commitment

I understand that my actions, both on and off campus, reflect upon the  INTEGRITY  of the Thomas Jefferson Independent Day School community. I pledge to comply with the conditions set forth in the Honor Code section of the Student Handbook. I acknowledge that these conditions require, among other things, that:

  • I treat fellow students, faculty, staff, and visitors with  RESPECT  and  COMPASSION;
  • I practice  HONESTY  and  TRUTHFULNESS  at all times;
  • I employ  SELF-DISCIPLINE  and  PERSEVERANCE  by completing and submitting my own assignments on time;
  • I endeavor to build  TRUST  between individuals;
  • I exercise  CONSIDERATION  for property that is not my own;
  • I practice good  SPORTSMANSHIP  both on and off campus.

I understand that the Honor Code requires that I never cheat, steal or lie in the preparations for, or completion of, any academic work, including any examination or homework.

In signing my name, I hold myself accountable to these commitments and in so doing, recognize that I am morally obligated not to tolerate such behavior in others. If I observe unacceptable behavior I am obligated to disclose it to the proper school authority. Failure to exhibit allegiance to expectations will be addressed in accordance with school policies and procedures.

(Signed by Student)

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“We have really high academic standards, but we’re also reaching out to each student and helping them become the best person they can be."

Clayton Carnahan, TJ 5th Grade Teacher



Thomas Jefferson Independent Day School delivers a rigorous liberal arts college preparatory curriculum in a supportive and nurturing environment.