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TJ is driven by our mission to help all students make the most of their abilities.

Mission-driven Since 1993

When the founders set out to establish Thomas Jefferson Independent Day School, they created a Mission Statement and Honor Code to guide the school. Since opening our doors in 1993, our Mission has provided TJ with a shared vision for learning for the entire TJ community. Our mission-driven educational environment sets us apart from every other school. 

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The TJ Mission

Through a dedication to academic excellence, Thomas Jefferson Independent Day School stands accountable for educating students to make the most of their abilities.

The School educates students to acquire and refine essential academic knowledge and skills; cultivate an appreciation of the arts; develop lifelong fitness skills; assume responsibility for their behavior; seek out challenge, welcome criticism, test new capacities; practice self-discipline; and find joy in learning.

The school brings students together with teachers who exemplify intellectual curiosity, a dedication to truth, and the advantages of living the examined life.

Honor Code

Along with TJ’s Mission, our Honor Code is an integral component of the TJ culture and serves as a guide for all of our students, faculty, and the entire TJ community.

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Thomas Jefferson Independent Day School delivers a rigorous liberal arts college preparatory curriculum in a supportive and nurturing environment.