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Volunteer Opportunities

At Thomas Jefferson, there are plenty of items for you to delve into to help your children and the TJ community.

Being a part of the school includes membership into the Parent Association. The Parent Association (PA) is here to:

  • Help serve the faculty, parents, and students.
  • Provide the opportunity for the faculty, parents, and students to become better acquainted.
  • To develop good communication with the faculty, parents, and students.
  • Positively promote the school.

A few ways the PA has helped the school and teachers are by purchasing: musical instruments, recycling bins, playground equipment, buzzer set for Quiz Bowl team, photo equipment for US Art, sound system, funding student travel for a variety of functions, providing Faculty Appreciation Luncheons, and fulfilling teacher wish lists.

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May be selected or on a volunteer basis. A chairperson and secretary will be selected in each committee to fulfill tasks. A committee report must be given at each PA meeting. A notebook of committee minutes and activities will be kept by secretary and passed along each year to help the next year with preparations. Committees will also be responsible to write thank you cards to each volunteer.

TJ Parent Association Information:

Faculty Appreciation Luncheons

Back-to-school, Christmas, and End-of-year. Usually set up as pot luck donations from the TJ parents. The TJ community, you will find, are a very generous and giving bunch! They willingly donate of their time, money, and supplies whenever there is a request. Going above and beyond is a usual response from the parents. These events are a delight to be apart of because they run so smoothly and you get to see first hand and experience the giving nature of our parents. The Christmas luncheon is usually more formal. It has been located in the Library for a more quaint feel, and is set up as a buffet for convenience for the teachers to come eat at their different lunch periods.

Committee Duties: Decide a theme-time-date, organize donated food and drink items, arrange helpers to watch the lunchroom & classrooms while the teachers are eating, clean up crew, and purchase and distribute staff gifts.

Chili Cook-Off (Fundraising)

To date, this is the largest single fundraising function of the PA. It is a great time for the entire school to come together and raise money for the PA to help the school, all while enjoying great food, fun, conversation and desserts! Each class creates a booth to serve chili, toppings, and a choice of other kid friendly options…and don’t forget the desserts! There is an amazing array of gourmet desserts (homemade and store bought) offered in a silent auction. So be ready to fight your friends over the plethora of divine delicacies offered. Prizes are also given out for the Best Booth and Best Chili which make an extra fun event for the children (and the parents of course!).

Committee Duties: If a live auction is selected, get an auctioneer early. Post sign-ups at each classroom at least 2 weeks prior for volunteers/donations/baked goods, be in contact with “Class Moms” to get volunteers & donations, make “Best Booth/Best Chili” voter ballots-certificates, make silent auction sheets, organize volunteers to work each booth-take money-count ballots-clean up. Best to have committee established two months prior, to begin organizing details.

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PA provided healthy snacks and drinks to the MS and US students to keep them energized and mentally prepared for their finals.

Committee Duties

Purchase snacks/drinks and have them set out each day, buffet style, during finals week. Volunteers needed for set up/clean up and purchasing of items.

This is a fun day where EC and LS students are paired with MS and US students to play games, eat lunch together, and feel welcomed in the TJ community. PA provides food, drinks and popsicles for the students and faculty amidst the festivities.

Committee Duties

Post signage to advertise the picnic. Purchase needed food, drink, and paper product items. Coordinate volunteers to help purchase, cook, set up, serve, and clean up.

Our TJ logo school spirit wear.

Committee Duties

Yearly, during the summer, view previous years sales to determine best selection to offer and change items as needed. As well as changing or adding new graphics.

New Parent Orientation: PA provides cookies and drinks for the Parent Orientation held at the beginning of each new school year. The PA officers purchase the food, drink, and paper items and are present during the orientation.

Ice Cream Social: Held at the beginning of the school year, an evening where TJ families, old and new, can come socialize with delicious treats. Normally held in the evening of a TJ sporting event, so those in attendance can indulge on sweet treats and then go enjoy some TJ team spirit!

Committee Duties: 4 weeks before event, begin collection of donations of ice cream and toppings. Post sign ups for volunteers to help serve (usually in shifts so all have a chance to enjoy the fun) and clean up.



TJ is a resource, not only for students and their families, but for the entire Four-States community.